How To Create Magic With Decks and Porches

Decks and porches are one of the most important living spaces in your homes. These have the power to create an appealing transition between indoors and outdoors of your homes. You can create magic with the right blend of creativity and knowledge required for adorning these beautiful spaces. Turning your outdoor space into a comfortable one is a practical and economical way to add square footage to your home. However, making most of this space requires techniques, at times professional help and good aesthetic sense.


Two Level Backyard Deck

Spacious two level deck perfect to host friends.

Choosing Right Materials

While determining the right materials for your decks and porches project, go for a choice that balances form, function and budget alike. Some choices of materials for your decks and porches have been discussed below:


If you have a plethora of options but the paucity of funds, consider investing in the pressure-treated Pine or Cedar lumber for your outdoor construction. You can easily enhance its aesthetic appeal by going for clear lumber of higher-grade. All you require for maintenance would be regular cleaning and periodic staining or sealing. Consider mixing materials like metal pickets to keep your deck and porch remain durable for a longer time.


Since its inception almost 20 years back, composite decking has just been improving. You may have observed that basic composite almost looks like a synthetic version of painted wood. You can add a synthetic railing to it, to reduce long-term maintenance and achieve superior long-term performance.

Exotic hardwoods

If you’re looking for materials that are naturally decay-resistant, consider going for alternative choices such as cedar or redwood. These are elegant choices, and you would surely need to put in efforts for their maintenance. Exotic imports such as Ipe, Cumaru or Brazilian Cherry are expensive, but elegant choices.

Other Important Aspects


Color can magically influence the visual perception of your porches and decks. Choosing the right color is often an afterthought when working on decks or porches. You can easily maximize the enjoyment and accentuate the best features of your outdoor spaces by choosing the correct color combination. Make sure you keep in mind the orientation of the sun when choosing the right color.


Some people embellish their decks and porches to enjoy quiet evenings, some of them beautify them for barbecue parties while others have their reasons. When designing your porch or deck, make sure you work out a design after considering your personal requirement and upkeep expectations from the project.


Your deck should be given at least 3.5 – 4 feet of depth. That is a frost line in the area of Toronto, Ontario. You can consider screens for privacy, and keep the height of your deck into consideration. Make sure your deck and porch plans do not interfere with any running plumbing or electrical systems.

You would need to take the necessary permissions before beginning any outdoor decking work. Check the outdoor floor level limit and draw proper preliminary plans for your deck. Consider replacing railings on the porch from time to time, for improving safety and functionality of your decks and porches.

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