How Safe Is Your Deck?

Decks are phenomenally popular in the Canadian community. Housing associations estimate that about one-third of all new houses in the country have a deck. Decks provide a one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment place, particularly where a nearby body of water or a scenic spot is overlooking. Furthermore, decks add a creative touch to a house that transforms an ordinarily looking house into a modern and artistic one.

Simcoe Wave Deck In Toronto

Simcoe Wave Deck In Toronto

Of course, since Canadians are the proponents of instant food, instant decks, which are designed as do-it-yourself where a minimal handwork is required using bolts, screws, nuts and hooks are equally famous. Pre-cut wooden materials both from local and international sources are commercially available.

There is no question that do-it-yourself decks follow certain standards and be able to pass certain criteria, especially on safety. Newly constructed houses too, on the other hand, need to pass certain requirements according to what is stipulated and mandated by existing laws covering home construction. Hence, quality materials are paramount to the safety of every individual. Despite quality control, catastrophes that claim lives still happen from time to time. Hence it is essential to be extra careful in purchasing deck materials and accessories and construction.


Above anything else, safety is of utmost importance. A deck should be able to handle even the rowdiest group of party-goers. According to research, decks supported by nails are prone to collapse because nails over time tend to loose as the wood shrinks due to changes in environmental temperatures. Moreover, nails only support downward resistance but not the outward force hence a majority of deck-related accidents are attributed to nail-held decks. Thus, when decks fall, they fall without warning at all. Bolts and screws on the other hand, when drilled into the pre-cut wood boards and fitted with washers and nuts, offer a heightened frictional strength. It will take you to rip the whole piece of wood before you can take the bolts off. With bolts, you are given a warning like a nut fallen on the floor signals that you have to check and that the structure is about to collapse.

Certain types of hard and durable wood are specifically designed for building decks. Wood for deck construction must be built to stand the harsh outdoor environment. Cedar and pressure treated pine are some of the top choices for deck construction not just because of their durability and sustainability but also because of their natural beauty despite minimal maintenance and sealing work. Some wood types become more beautiful overtime with constant sun exposure such that their colors are more pronounced and enhanced.


The site of the deck is also important to the safety of everyone. Freestanding decks are considered better off than those connected to the house by sidings as drainage is not a problem anymore. With decks that are attached to the house, an efficient drainage is required such that both the house and the deck are protected from damage due to the accumulation of moisture.

Most homeowners expect that local officials tasked to survey and check home decks meticulously do their job. However, doing so is a risky assumption as they are also ordinary human beings. A deck may pass certain safety categories from the very beginning. However, over time, deck materials and accessories succumb to wear and tear and eventually break down. Hence, periodic on-the-spot examination and maintenance are necessary to guarantee that such decks are still safe to hold or house party guests.

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