Building Custom Decks in Toronto: Leave It To The Professionals

No matter how big or small it may be, a custom deck adds absolute beauty and functionality to your home. It is, in fact, an extension of your living space. The good news is these days there is an incredible range of stylish and high-quality decking materials in the market, so you have more flexibility than ever before to design the deck of your dreams. In fact, your only limiting factor when building an outdoor porch is your area building code. Whatever your plans are you will need first to check out the deck building codes in Toronto and see if your custom deck will conform to these regulations or you may find that you have to break it down and rebuild it to within the laid down specifications.

Backyard Deck at Winona Dr

Custom Designed Deck in Toronto

Important factors while building a custom deck: Location, Size & Area Codes

Before you go ahead with making detailed plans, you are going to have to decide the exact location where you intend to build your deck and the size of the planned deck. Do you want to build just a small porch where you can sit around reading a book on a bright sunny day or do you have plans on building an extended porch that goes right round from one side of your home to the other? Even if your area building code allows you to construct a full deck, you need to determine if there are other physical or space limitations. Think about things like the placement of steps, the breadth of the corners.

Choosing The Right Material

Wood, especially weather resistant varieties such as cedar used to be the most popular material for building custom decks but things are changing now, and more homeowners prefer to use resin materials or wood that is pressure treated with preservatives. That is because these newer materials are sturdier than their older counterparts and will last longer even with minimal maintenance and care. However, cedar wood decks protected with penetrating oil stain can last even longer than pre-treated ones. That can save you a whole lot of time and money in the long run.

Cedar Lumber

Cedar Lumber

Don’t Get Caught In The DIY Trap

There are lots of projects you can do by yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast, however, building a custom deck is not one of those. If you are looking into getting one made, you would have already realized that it is not a simple project that any amateur can undertake by themselves as a do-it-yourself project. Even the simplest looking porch can be complicated to construct as there are several different and complex engineering and carpentry factors involved.

Dreaming of having a custom designed deck? is a custom deck builder in Toronto. Custom decks are simply one of the best options available for most homeowners. Don’t overlook the benefit of bringing in a professional to help you with this process. Inc.

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