4 Essential Reasons to Use Stain on Exterior Wood

If you are planning on using lumber for any exterior construction projects there are a few good reasons to consider adding an attractive and protective wood stain. It may seem that this step is superfluous and only for aesthetic reasons, but there are several important reasons exterior wood needs staining.

There is simply no reason to allow good lumber constructions to sit unprotected in the exterior elements when wood stain provides so many functional and attractive benefits. Here are just a few:

Creating Waterproofing for your Wood

As you may imagine, water will be a serious problem for wood left outdoors. This is especially true for wooden decks and siding that can be fully exposed to the weather regularly. Even wooden furniture and constructions on the inside of the home are not safe from accidental spills and moisture damage. This is where wood stain can come into play with a protective barrier that keeps water from entering the semi-porous wooden materials.

Protection from Rot

Wood is an organic material and despite its considerable durability can eventually rot. Wood rot is an especially difficult problem to deal with. It is dangerous because it is not always readily apparent and the rotten wood will become structurally unsound.

There is also no way to salvage rotten wood and once this issue has set in, the only solution is a replacement of the rotted section. Therefore, the best solution involves preventing the wood from rotting altogether. This is where wood stain can be easily applied and well worth the effort. Wood stain protects the surface of the wood from the effects of moisture, insect attacks, fungal growths and other damage that can trigger a rot.


Blocking Sunlight

The exposure to sunlight is also something that can eventually deteriorate exterior wood structures. If your wooden deck or siding receives the full strength of the sun all day long, it will be important to consider its longevity and offer some protection.

Even wood indoors that receives a lot of sunlight from open windows and skylights should be treated with a protective wood stain. Not only does this keep the wood safe from the harmful UV rays but can keep the interiors from drying out, losing color and cracking.

Coloring Your Wood

If you want your wood to be colored in one specific way, wood stain is the best option. Not only are wood stains available in every naturally occurring wood tone, but every fantastic color option as well. This can be perfect for achieving very refined exterior décor and spectacular color settings. You can even use stains to achieve very unnatural colors that still retain the natural textures, grain, and appearance that make wooden structures so attractive.

When selecting stains, remember that the dye-based stains are for coloring wood with very small pores, while the pigment-based options are better for wood with larger pores.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a wood stain option that doesn’t alter the colors of your wood at all. These clear wood stains are applied to preserve natural beauty. Most other stains are not entirely opaque and can be applied in coats for darker tones.