6 Decking Trends To Follow In 2020

A new year has begun and most of us are looking for fresh starts. With the precious summertime a few months away in Canada, this would be the ideal time for homeowners to start thinking of installing or upgrading their decking so they can enjoy it to the fullest in the warmer months.

For those of you looking to upgrade or install decks this year, we round up six of the hottest deck trends of 2020:


Decks are significant investments. No homeowner would want to spend such a huge amount on a project that cannot last. It is therefore key to invest in a solid structure and quality products. In Canada, it is important to be mindful that your deck is exposed to extreme weather conditions. For this reason, one popular trend has been homeowners investing in quality lumber. Investing in good quality lumber ensures longer deck lives, cutting down on costs that you, as a homeowner, will incur over the longer period of time.

Another popular trend has been the use of composite decking. Composite decking is typically a material made by combining wood fiber, plastic and binding agent. These components combine to form a material that is denser, stronger and heavier than lumber alone. Importantly, composite decking is virtually maintenance-free, is resistant to moisture, insects and sunlight and does not deteriorate. Additionally, while being more resilient than wood, composite decking also offers you considerably more sophisticated looks. Thus, it provides aesthetics along with longevity, justifying its reputation as one of the hottest decking trends of the year.

Varied-Plank Designs

From a style perspective, varied-plank decking is one of the top trends of 2020. It involves using multi-width planks to create unique and eclectic designs, enabling you to have truly custom looks delivered. Additionally, alternating planks of varied width can help deliver a classic, timeless look if that is your preferred style. Varied-plank designs also help provide a more cohesive look by bringing interior elements into the outdoor space and neatly tying up the entire look of your house. For all the variety of styles, options and dimensions varied-plank decking offers, it comes as no surprise that it has increasingly become a popular styling choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade their decks or install new ones, particularly for those seeking eclectic, custom-designed decks.

Blending Outdoor With Indoor Style

While previously, the outdoor living space was seen purely as a functional space that was a separate zone from the indoors, this is not the case anymore. More and more homeowners today view their outdoor space as an extension of their home, thus seeking aesthetic appeal of their outdoor living area in a style consistent with their indoors. You can achieve this by identifying the color theme in your indoor space and extending that into your outdoor area. This helps create a cohesive look with the indoor space flowing seamlessly into the outdoor area.

Complementary Colors

Complementary color combinations have been and will continue to remain a popular trend among Canadian homeowners. The double picture frame board technique has grown in popularity. It involves the outside board complementing the inside picture frame board. As the homeowner, you will get to pick the primary color for the project and an opposite shade will be picked on the color wheel. It is important to remember that while you can choose two complementing bright colors, you can also mix and match bright colors with muted ones to create your own unique design. Another factor in deciding the color palette is creating a balance between the complementary colors. This doesn’t necessarily mean both hues need to be used in equal amounts. Rather, you can choose to use one more liberally and the other for creating impact and flair in certain areas. This is bound to give your deck the oomph factor and set it apart from others.

Rooftop Decks

Another growing trend among homeowners with regards to decks is building or relocating decks on upper levels of homes. This could mean the deck is built above the garage or extended from the master bed or even built on the house’s rooftop. This option is particularly good for those of you who are looking to maximize space utilization or for those who are looking to create a standout feature in their home and wish to do so through their decking space.

While rooftop decks are popular, it is important to note that, with it being located on the upper level, there are a number of key factors that need to be considered. It is particularly important to have a solid design and quality materials when building a rooftop deck. Equally, ventilation, drainage and prevention of moisture buildup are key considerations requiring thorough planning if you want a quality, long-lasting rooftop deck built for your home.

Modern Lighting And Railing

There has been a change in trend of how the deck space is now being used. Whereas previously decks were overloaded with toys, gardening tools and decorative, bright lighting, more recently the focus has moved to creating clean, modern spaces with lighting designed to suitably enhance the overall ambiance of the outdoor space without being over-bright and stealing the limelight.

Additionally, railings have become a popular feature of modern decks. Not only do they add to the overall safety of the decking space, the variety of different railing designs allow you to add an additional element of sophistication to your decking area. An elevated deck can have a railing added to it to give a floating look to your outdoor space. Similarly, if you have a a beautiful view from the deck then a glass or cable railing can up the sophistication factor of your space without compromising on the beautiful view.

If one thing is to be unanimously agreed upon, it is that outdoor spaces have increasingly become extremely important components of homes, with families spending a significant amount of time in that space, either on their own or hosting parties and barbecues for friends. For many, their outdoor spaces are viewed by them as spots for their ‘stay-vacation’. For this reason, with functionality, now, even a touch of luxury and aesthetic appeal have become common requirements for decks. This is reflected in the six hottest trends of decking for 2020.

If you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your deck or build yourself a new one, then keeping these trends in mind while designing your outdoor space will go a long way in creating an outdoor space relevant to the modern times. Contact DeckCrew.ca for more information regarding building a new deck.