Composite decking is one of the most popular outdoor projects in Toronto. The composite deck will serve you for years with minimal maintenance. It`s durable, rot-free and looks great in almost every backyard. 

Compared to the past, when almost everything was built out of wood, your options of deck materials today are as diverse as never before. Even though some of us are still prejudiced against non-wooden structures, the number of people that prefer composite decking over wood is growing every year. So why is composite a choice for so many contractors and their clients? Let`s check the two main factors: cost and look.

Grey composite deck with lights and furniture in the backyard in Toronto


As someone who is probably looking for getting a new deck build, the cost is the first thing you consider. And yes, it may be surprising that “not so natural” composite material is usually more expensive than traditional wood. Why so? 

Composite boards are made of wood chips and recycled plastic. This combination creates the material that gains the best qualities of the two. 

Wood fibre makes composite sturdy, while plastic protects it from rotting, cracking, and moulding. The durability of wood cannot compare to composite. The composite deck will last longer and the weather changes have no damaging effect on it. Composite decks are very low-maintenance – they are not susceptible to insects and moisture and don`t require regular repair. You don`t have to worry about cracks and splinters, sanding or coating. A simple wash-up once in a while will do it. 

In the long fun, if you count the cost of wood maintenance that has to be done regularly and the time you have put into it, composite turns out to be a more cost-effective choice. Also, composite decks often have a longer manufacturer warranty than wooden ones. 

Composite deck with glass railing in Toronto


The beautiful grain and colour of wood can be very tempting when adding a deck to your property. Can composite imitate that? Yes and no.

Composite comes in various colours and finishes, from the most natural-looking, to stylish unusual tones. However, the shiny polished finish of a composite deck will definitely be noticeable on closer inspection. If you don`t find that undesirable, here you can pick the perfect colour that will fit your house like nothing else. 

A definite advantage of composite is that it fades much less than wooden structures. Even though it might get less bright in a couple of months, the colour of the material will not change drastically. Wood, on the other hand, will require regular staining or turn grey after some time. 

Cleaning is also much easier with composite boards. Plastic particles prevent wood fibre from soaking up fat and liquids, so if barbequing is a regular activity in your house, that is a factor to consider. 

Composite decks can truly look exquisite.  Click here to see more photos of our composite decking projects.  

Now that you know all the factors that make composite such a beautiful material for outside projects, the choice is yours. However, if you have more questions, don`t hesitate to contact us for more information. is always here to make tough decisions easier.