5 Deck Trends to Follow In 2019

Composite decking and deck railing are still on top of consumer preferences for 2019. This market segment is constantly growing at a rate of 5% per year. Most homeowners consider a deck as a valuable addition to their property. A comfortable and good looking outdoor space can add value to a home and enhance the lifestyle of the family. In addition, it requires less frequent updates than other home improvement projects.

The first businesses to take advantage of this trend are lumber and constructions materials suppliers. This article takes a close look into some of the 2019 deck trends that designers and homeowners will consider for the next deck-building season in Toronto and other parts of Canada.


 1. Deck Shade Options

Most homeowners seek to make the most out of their time spent outdoors. Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder that suppliers work closely with their customers to create shade solutions that provide both sun protection and privacy. Lattice and 4-inch decking are among the most used deck shade and privacy solutions.

UV-stabilized lattice has become more popular than the traditional deck skirting, thanks to its versatility. Homeowners use it as deck privacy screens that enable them to create shaded areas in gazebos. The 4-inch wide composite deck boards are also a stylish solution to offer effective protection against direct sunlight or privacy.

wooden lattice




 2. Less Traditional Outdoor Spaces

Even homeowners who don’t have a proper backyard or a big space want to enjoy their outdoor heaven. This makes more and more contractors build decks in less traditional outdoor spaces.

Freestanding decks and rooftop decks are becoming popular options among homeowners seeking to curb the appeal of their homes. This trend is supported by a modern deck understructure system that is extremely durable and humidity-resistant.


 3. Stylish Bright Colors

According to interior design experts, colors like chili pepper, chocolate brown, and rich cappuccino will still dominate the trends in 2019. However, you should expect some bold colors to find their way in the top of preferences in the year to come.

You should expect homeowners and deck builders to start looking into caramels, shades of clay, red-brown, and mushroom hues. They will also choose picture framing boards, textured patterns and other such options to create a visually appealing contrast with these bold colors.

Composite deck vs Pressure treated lumber deck


4. Water Features

Outdoor water fountains and small ponds are becoming more and more popular. Homeowners and builders alike choose to surround these water features with floating decks and pathways, in order to make the most out of these attractive focal points.

Deck boards featuring superior traction and minimal moisture absorption are among the best choices for this type of structure, as they come with a good warranty that covers water and ground contact.


 5. Lighting Systems

More and more people choose clean and modern deck railing designs. Lighting systems also follow these trends.

Thanks to low-voltage lighting solutions, builders and interior designers are able to create outdoor spaces that are appealing and safe. Consider extending your inventory by adding user-friendly lighting accessories and elements such as post cap, deck sconce, step light, and post sconce lights.

deck lightning system



The Year of 2019 will bring an important growth of the composite decking and railing industry. Builders and homeowners alike will seek materials, styles, features, and colors that will enable them to create the atmosphere they want and to add a personal touch to their outdoor spaces.

By taking into consideration these five trends, deck contractors and suppliers can contribute to increasing the popularity of such modern solutions among their potential customers.