5 Trends In Deck Building To Keep In Mind for 2018

Homeowners in Toronto and in other parts of Canada want their outdoor living areas to be personalized. This is true now as it’s always been. With the winter months ending and the spring coming, now’s the time to figure out a stocking strategy for the deck-building season of 2018.


Composite decking is the fastest growing wood deck alternative on the market. It boasts low maintenance and a much longer lifespan than wood decking.

If you want to plan appropriately, you need to know what trends are becoming popular among deck builders in Toronto.

Maxed-Out Outdoor Space

No one wants to have wasted space. However, no one wants generic space-fillers, either. Homeowners want creative ways to make the most of their yards.

A great way to capitalize on this desire is to stock up on deck waterproofing options. You can easily sell deck builders and homeowners on the idea of a pleasant outdoor space that’s protected from the weather underneath a second-story composite deck.

When a house has a second-story composite deck, the area underneath it is almost never utilized. If you offer solutions to utilize these areas to their fullest, you’ll be well on your way to profit.

Labor-Saving Components

There’s a major shortage of labor in the deck-building industry. Quality labor is difficult to find at the prices most places can afford to pay, so contractors gravitate towards cost and energy-saving solutions.

If you have on-trend components that can be easily and quickly installed you’ll find builders making room for them in the back of their trucks. Strong, lightweight composite deck boards, low-voltage lighting with simple wiring, anything you can sell that makes the job a little easier. Products that combine fastening and weatherproofing tend to go quickly!


railing in north york

Wooden raiilings with metal bars are still popular choice among homeowners.

Bringing The Inside Out

Decking made to resemble hardwood is one of the most popular trends. However, matching the outdoor living space to the indoor flooring is becoming a close second.

Manufacturers have already responded by creating composite deck boards that look like distressed hardwood flooring.

Distressed hardwood is popular as an ongoing trend from 2017 interior design. Homeowners began installing blends of new and old such as distressed flooring and granite countertops. As more homeowners are jumping on the trend, the demand for accessories has gone up. This trend is only growing in popularity, so you should be prepared now.

Riveting Railing Systems

Deck railings are great for contractors who need flexibility in design. Every day there are more railing options that include an ever-increasing number of contemporary styles.

A great example is the Brushed Titanium railing system Deckorators created for the 2018 season. It’s sleek and simple, and the finish is anodized to last.

There’s also a high demand for glass railing systems. These offer great views of the yard, which many homeowners enjoy. This is especially true for amazing views of lakes or mountains!

Deck Boards With Versatility

Contractors who want to rise above the competition aren’t looking for generic building equipment. They want something unique. They want boards with more versatility. A great example is decking that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If the contractor knows there will be coverage for ground and water contact, they’re more likely to feel safe using the wood. This also allows them to take on a wider array of projects, such as:

  • Hot tub and pool decks
  • Floating platforms, docks, and piers
  • Decks on the ground level
  • Pathways

It might be cheaper to carry products without a manufacturer’s warranty. After all, wood will warp over time either way. Unfortunately, cheaper wood is wood that professional contractors won’t buy. Not at the cost of having to fix the installation problems from cheap wood!

Contractors and homeowners want decking solutions that offer more than just a wooden platform. They want something that adds performance, beauty, value, and saves labor. Keep these five trends in mind as the season comes closer. Any lumberyard that wants to make a profit will follow them.

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