Are you looking for a deck builder in Etobicoke? Well, you are ready for a decking upgrade – congrats!

Etobicoke is one of the fastest developing areas of the GTA landscaping-wise. Some neighborhoods in this part of the city definitely set a high bar for exterior design.

Here are the three simple steps you have to take to keep up with the recent trends in the Etobicoke community.

Wooden deck in Etobicoke

Step 1 – Check landscaping regulations in Etobicoke 

When it comes to building a new deck there are lots of regulations that have to be considered. This part of the decking construction is very complex. Most of the time, we would recommend talking to an architect before finalizing the scope of the project. This eliminates the possibility of making a mistake when preparing plans and documents and delaying the project. 

The by-law regulations differ from street to street, depending on a size of a lot and other individual features.

They set limitations to the maximum height and length of decking. They also coordinate the proportions of soft landscaping (grass and greenery) and hard landscaping (any manmade structures).

You can get a feeling of what zoning by-laws look like for The City of Toronto and specifically Etobicoke zoning by clicking on the links.  

Since a clear understanding of zoning restrictions is necessary for obtaining building permits, we suggest using the services of architects

Beautiful composite decking and stairs

Step 2 – Obtain building permits

To complete this step successfully you had done extensive research on by-law regulations in your area, finalized the design of a deck and made the plans, and gathered all the other necessary documents. Or you simply hired a knowledgeable architect who did all the hassling for you.

Obtaining the permits can be stressful and complicated, but is absolutely crucial to get any construction project going. The good news is that it is possible to do it on your own. Here you can find what documentation is required to get the permit, how to apply, and other general information. 

Most of the time, the site plan survey has to be done prior to finalizing the deck construction plan. Be aware that hiring a surveyor in Etobicoke can take up to 8 weeks. 

If the application was successful, the deck-building team can start the work right away. In case the mistake was found, you will have to re-submit and give it more time for approval. Time-wise it’s best to start planning the deck installation a couple of months before winter to have it done in the same season. 

Step 3 – Find a deck builder in Etobicoke

Having been working in the deck-building industry for more than 5 years, we can assure you that location matters when it comes to construction projects. Having the deck building crew located in the area close by increases the chances of having it done in the shortest time.  

When the deck builder works in the area, in this case, Etobicoke, they will be more flexible and available at a sooner notice. Short commutes and close access to preferred supply stores can do wonders and contribute to undisrupted workflow. 

Moreover, the deck builder who is familiar with the area can suggest solutions that reflect the atmosphere of the community and fit in the aesthetics of the Etobicoke neighborhood perfectly. 

When choosing among a few deck-building companies, pay close attention to customer reviews. This will give you an understanding of how professional, reliable, and organized the deck-building team is. 

Check the portfolio of previous projects before confirming the deal. It will help you see if the style and vision of the deck builder reflect your preferences. 

At this point you will finalize the choice of materials and colours, discuss all the design details, and get started with a deck installation. You can find all the information about the most common decking materials here.  

DeckCrew team has built dozens of decks and fences in Etobicoke and we know our way around high-quality construction. Give us a call if you need help with a deck installation. We are here for you to answer any questions and make the deck construction process easy and stress-free.